A return to the sun – Mexico part two

A bullet-point style post.

— From September 2012 – Jan 2013, I was living in Puebla, Mexico with my boyfriend. Puebla is a great city. It’s safe, it’s clean, there’s not much traffic problems, people are nice, there’s all the usual stuff you’d find in any city. But honestly? I think it’s lame. It suffers that secondary-city feeling (Mexico City is 2 hours away) in an unflattering way.

— I went to Amsterdam for 6 weeks in Feb/March 2013. I love Amsterdam. I love my friends there. I hate the weather. so much.

— Now I’m back in Mexico, but we decided to move about 10 minutes away into San Andres Cholula! Cholula is a university town, and I like it so much more than Puebla. I think 90% of the reason for this is that I can ride a bike everywhere.

— My Spanish is getting better and better every day. I’m doing regular language exchanges and my entire life is conducted in spanish outside the house. With Enrique I think we’re about… 70-80% in spanish. I have one American friend here, and if it’s just the 2 of us, we speak english. if there’s anyone else around, it’s spanish.

— I still need a lot of practice. Luckily Mexicans are talkative.

— Struggling with self motivation to work on video projects feels hard right now. I did make a video (and edited it myself!) in February while i was in Amsterdam but it’s not very good.

— Somehow even though I don’t have a real job I still feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

— I am going to eat Chilaquiles for breakfast. I am in a food heaven.