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I’ve been blogging forever, since before the word “blog” was a word. I do it because I love writing, and I do it because meeting people off the internet who are interested in similar things was something I started doing at 15 years old (I grew up in a small, small town and the internet was a bit of a saviour for me). It was through blogging and message boards and BBS and whatnot that I met some of the best friends of my life, and what motivated me to Get Out There. When I was 16 I would take the train to NYC and meet up with “strangers” from the IRC #punk channel or the AOL message boards, go to shows, and stay at their apartments. And it never felt like meeting up with “strangers,” it always felt like getting together with friends.

I have a few blogs spread throughout the internet, but I started this one to try and catch up on where I am today. If you go back and read posts form the beginning, you’ll see there’s a handful of posts from 2008 – 2014, which were copied and pasted from former (public) blogs. I just wanted a space to keep a bit of everything. Anything written from 2015 is more current.


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